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Considering the hardness, wear and corrosion resistance of the base material and especially the surface coating are decisive factors for the quality and life of a tableting tools.

On the basis of these findings we can provide, various coatings with microfine, almost pore-free surface finish are available, that increase the tool life hence resulting in significant reduction of sticking and picking of tablet formulation & also improvises in easy ejection of tablets from tools.

Based on products nature like abrasive, corrosive, sticky etc. , we at PERFECT TABLET TOOLS recommend various types of coating. As described below :
A silver coloured coating which protects the contact surface of tools from corrosion & wear also reducing friction & adhesion.

A uniquely developed coating which is of the galvanic superior hard-chromium coating. It has a very homogeneous structure and low density of pores with a good non-stick property.

A greyish black coating which provides a superior punch surface also is extremely smooth when compared to other coatings which also is the best performing anti stick coating.

A silver black coating which is in combination of CRN & HCP+ as called as multilayer coating which has an additional surface modification with antisticking properties which further reduces the effect of formulation sticking to the punch face.

A golden coloured coating which is applied in a thin layer to the surface of both punches & dies which can improve wear resistance.

A silver coloured coating which is done by deposition of nickel- phosphorus alloy into the metal surface by a bath & not by electrodes or external electrical charges which allows even surface deposition resulting in increased surface hardness.


Selecting the right coating for your tableting tools is mainly influenced by the raw materials used in tablet. Our experienced team will be happy to help you.