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At PERFECT TABLET TOOLS we consume the most stringent manufacturing standards accomodated with state of the art equipments to convey the proceedings.

As being in the industry for more than 2 decades we believe in using the leading technology for our machinery to match the standards & accuracy of proposed caliber.

Our infrastructure is flexible & suitable to fulfill our customers needs in all possible ways from Design to R&D to Application & Documentation with Satisfaction.

The basic policy for quality control at PERFECT TABLET TOOLS is to manufacture products of excellent quality to obtain great trust and deep satisfaction of customers through quality assurance. At the same time this assurance standard also confirms the disciplinary standards of tablet tooling equipments, in which PERFECT TABLET TOOLS is most active and also receives high evaluation in global market place. To this end, we determined to take the following actions.

All employees, to mention the managing staff to always have untiring enthusiasm and strong will to maintain and improve high quality. For the purpose, incessant education and enlightenment on quality assurance is thoroughly carried out and various in-house standards are rigidly set and made clear.

An effective and comprehensive control system is established, to cover each section of the company (Production, Design, Sales, R&D, Inspection etc.)

Especially for the control of process " in which good quality is incorporated" the quality of our toolings will be guaranteed careful check and control conducted in each process.

The quality assurance department pays careful attention to inspect and analyse all quality assurance standards making constant efforts to enhance & meet the customers requirement.