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The PERFECT TABLET TOOLS company was promoted by a technocrat in 1987, with an experience of over two decades in Tooling Technology. The company is engaged in Design, Development, Manufacturing and supply of Quality Tablet Tooling's & its Accessories. Our company has the expertise and facilities to meet the growing demand of tableting industry for standard / customized tooling's for a range of application. Our wide range of products include A to Z solution for our clients. Our commitment towards developing ground-breaking solutions through R&D in areas such as Metallurgy, Punch Coating, Boosting Productivity (by our multi tip solutions) and Quality Assurance Measures which has being successfully adopted by customers worldwide. We believe that every penny spent in research and development is a penny well spent. We have been supplying our tooling's to various sectors like Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Confectionary, Veterinary, Cosmetic & Ceramic Industries by marketing it in both domestic as well as international market.

At PERFECT TABLET TOOLS we not only manufacture punches and dies of unparallel quality, but also provide support equipment to help maintain tablet quality. Our headquarters is strategically located in one of the finest progressive industrial Society. The PERFECT TABLET TOOLS campus include Administration, Manufacturing, Testing, Training and R&D facilities specifically designed to convince our customers about our Development, Growth & Reliability.