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Our Kit consist of Standard Equipments 1 qty each :
a. Micrometer(Range 0 to 25 mm & 25 to 50 mm).
b. Vernier Caliper (Range 150 mm).
c. Analog Dial(Range 0.01 to 10 mm).
d. Dial Height Stand (Range 200 mm).
e. "D" & "B" Punch Holder.
f. V-Block.
g. Punch Height Gauge.
h. Portable Caring Case.

Optional Equipments :
a. Digital Micrometer.
b. Digital Dial.
c. Punch Head GO-NOGO gauge.
d. Special Punch Holding Tray.
e. Visual Inspection scope.
Our Kit Consist of Standard Equipments :
a. Two Shaft Polishing Motor(Range 10000 RPM Speed Regulated).
b. Brush Copper(Range 0.05 mm fine 12qty).
c. Brush Nylon(Range 0.05 mm fine 12 qty).
d. Brush Black(Range 0.05 mm fine 12 qty).
e. Felt Bob (Range 20 mm V type 5 qty).
f. Brush Holding Collat(Range 3.00 mm 2 quantity).
g. Portable Caring Case.
Our Kit Consist of standard Equipments 1 qty each :
a. Ultra Sonic Cleaning chamber (Range 30 ltrs Heated temperature controlled).
b. B type Punch holding tray(Range 100 punches).
c. D type Punch holding tray(Range 80 punches).
d. Die Holding Tray Standard.
e. Cleaning liquid solution.(Range neutral).

Optional Equipments :
a. Ultra Sonic Cleaning chamber 3 stage.
b. Air Compressor.
c. Air Dryer chamber.
d. Rinsing chamber.

Our Storage Cabinets are completly user customized as per their needs & demand and our product is justified to suite their needs.